Time is Past

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This post isn’t going to be religious or political or any other weighty topic. It’s really a change from my usual scope of issues and topics. And it’s going to be short. I might sound like a nub talking through out this post, but the thing is that I’ve never been obsessed by Space and the Universe. That’s about to change though. Heh 

What do you think when you look up at the sky? Or, what do you look at?

I’ll tell you what I see. And I’m sure you see it as well, but you’ve never really realized it.

I see the Past. I see what has already happened, and I see it without the need of any artificial instrument and any bygone theories of the brilliant scientists of the past.

Think me a fool? Keep on reading.

How much time does it need for the rays of the Sun to reach us? 8 minutes. That means that if the Sun were to suddenly vanish RIGHT now, we would experience the absence of the Sun after 8 minutes.

Lemme give another example before I tell you how exactly the Sky is the Past.

The nearest star system (other than the Sun and Proxima Centauri) is the Alpha Centauri, which consists of two stars which appear as one to the naked eye. This star system is almost 5 light years away from the Earth. This means that the light received from Alpha Centauri was actually emitted from those stars a couple of years ago.

So, when you look up at the sky, and see all these stars, you are actually looking at the light which was emitted BEFORE a certain period of time. You are looking at how these stars looked BEFORE that period of time.

You’re looking at how things were, not how they are.

 You are looking at the Past.

Thus, at every point of the Universe, Time has a different perception, a different meaning.

If we look at the universe from an overhead perspective, then are we living in the Future, the Past or Present?

The Space above us has endless secrets to fascinate us. No matter how deeply we delve into the heart of the Universe, we’ll never fully understand its awesome and amazing Power.

One more point. Strictly speaking, does Time even exist in this universe of ours? Each point of the universe has its own Time ‘zone’, and i each point negates the other, do these zones also get negated?

Important questions, ones which require almost fanatical devotion to be answered. But the point of this post was a simple one. We don’t need time machines to go back in the Past or look into the future. We don’t need to travel at 99.99% the speed of light to alter the fabric of time.

All we need, is to look up.


Ignorance, thy name is Man

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What is the most important problem that is faced by religions of today? Terrorism? External forces bent on erasing that religion from the face of the Earth? Agnostic tendencies of those who proclaim themselves as belonging to that religion? Murderous maniacs who believe that the end justifies the means?

None of the above.

In my opinion, the most important problem is the various renditions of the theories of that religion born out of ignorance, and the ongoing degeneration of the modern day theist.

Just think about it. Why are there so many sects within a religion? Shia and Sunni, Catholic and Protestant. And how come have they prevailed for such a long time, and have acquired such a large following? And what drives them to take away lives from other sects?

Religions are based upon a single holy text, a single prophet, and whatever number of gods. Then how the hell have we come up with so many sects? Not only in Islam, but Christianity and other religions too?

It all starts the same way, right? God sends prophet to mankind, God gives holy text to prophet through His angel, and prophet teaches and preaches that text according to the directions of God given through the same angel. All well and good.

Now advance a few thousand years. You’ve got this myriad mixture of sects within those (supposedly) once-perfect religions. What the hell happened in that long road down to this day?

I’ll tell ya what happened. The people. That’s what happened.

 People start to get this idea of looking at their religion with a new ‘perspective’. And other similar and ‘brilliant’ minded people start to follow this new ‘perspective’.

Look around yourself. Look at the present state of the theist world. Everyone has their own rendition of religion. Just grab two translated Quran books and compare the translation. You’ll feel the difference. Same goes for the Bible. Two publishers, two different renditions.

So how exactly do we solve this problem?

Go back. Go back to the Text itself, the roots of the religion. Not the prophet, not the many scholars, not the imams or saints. The Book itself.  Read it in the language it was revealed. If you want to read the translation, and then keep it in mind that some words lose their actual meaning after being translated, and can be easily misinterpretated.

You may say that some people need guidance, that they need to be led to God.

Tell me, what lacks in those ‘some’ of us that stops them from finding God? Did God not desire them to find Him?

He has given us intelligence. Equal in all cases. Why not use that intelligence and combine it with knowledge and find things out for ourselves?

If you think that the journey towards God is an easy one, well then, think again. It’ll be the most arduous journey of your life. And it may not lead to God in the end. It may lead to another possibility altogether. Whatever comes, be prepared for it.


“I will open my mouth in a parable, and utter dark saying of old”

Book of Mark

Psalms 78


Before you jump to conclusions, keep in mind that “dark sayings” doesn’t mean evil or bad. It means hidden. In the dark, as in the ‘absence of light’.

The connection of this verse to this post is that knowledge is always hidden. Only the wise can find it.

 And let me tell you, no one is born wise. We become wise. And the first step in becoming wise is to understand the fabric of man.


“Know Thyself”



And the second step is to know the difference between half-full glass of water and a half-empty glass of water. And please  don’t take it too literally.


“Both read the text day and night,

But you read black where I read white”

William Blake


This stanza merely indicates that the same words can be interpretated in a number of ways. Only the wise can discern the black and the white.

I’ll discuss the other problem in another post.

Happy Hunting

Ere the Sun Rises

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Yo!! I know this isnt a proper post, but i wanted to post it up anyway. I’ll post a proper one later on.

My third and latest poem. Hope you enjoy it!!

The warrior lies with his sword,
On the edge of his sanity,
His life hanging by a thread,
His pain unbearable,

He looks at the arrow,
sticking out of his chest,
The last vestiges of his life-sustaining blood,
dripping away,

All around him,
his enemies lie,
Dead and decimated,
a bloody testament to his skill,

Shattered shields,
Broken spears,
Bludgeoned helms,
litter the crimson ground,

He stares at the dust kicked up,
by the horses and men,
of his army,
Leaving him as carrion for the vultures,

He closes his eyes…………

His wife smiles at him,
with sparkling eyes,
A smile spreads accross his face,
…..the smile of a Husband,

He hugs her pregnant belly,
and feels his baby kicking,
A smile spreads accross his face,
…..the smile of a Father,

His parents sit accross him,
extolling him above the stars,
A smile spreads accross his face,
….the smile of a Son,

His sister comes in with his meal,
and kisses his forehead,
A smile spreads accross his face,
…..the smile of a Brother

He opens his eyes…………

The pain recedes,
overpowered by the love of his family,
and by the numbness,
that precedes death,

Where is the Hope,
that his Leader promised him?
Where is the Salvation,
that God promised him?

The warrior looks to the horizon,
He looks for his Hope,
He looks for his God,
Ere the Sun rises,

Death finally comes for him,
With no pain or deceit,
The Warrior grasps Death’s hands,
and a lasting friendship is forged,

The Father,The Brother,
The Son,The Husband,
The Warrior,
finally fades away…………….

Ajwad Wasim Malik

Justice and Apotheosis

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My tenth post will have a link of sorts with my first one. Opposites.

Life and death, angel and demon, heaven and hell, male and female, god and Satan, light and darkness, rich and poor, matter and antimatter. The list is endless.

Our world is a duality; there is always an opposite for everything. A balancing of the scales, if you will.

Consider justice, if you will. Our politicians, books, texts and ideals tell us that we can eradicate injustice, and we shall live in a world free from tyranny, crime and evil.

It aint happenin’.

Trust me on that.

The fabric of our world and the mathematics of the cosmos DEMAND that there be a duality, an opposite, of everything. Materialistic or otherwise.

How can a person do well, without knowing what the bad is? How can a person be happy, without feeling sad? How can a person love, without feeling hate? How can a person not feel pain? How can a person live his life, without having his share of death?

Most of all, how can a person implement justice, do justice, expect justice, without feeling, implementing, and expecting injustice?

Any system that proposes total relief from injustice is flawed, and therefore not perfect. There has to be injustice for justice to have its effect.

It is up to us to ensure that justice is dominant over injustice. Injustice may not be totally eradicated, but it is suppressible.

This is my last post, at least for the next month or two. I hope my posts have done some good, even though I’m not overly optimistic about it.

One last thing. I would like to mention a term, and tell you something about it. Apotheosis. The term literally means “to make divine”. It is the transformation of man into a god-like state.

Im not foolish or stupid enough to imply that something like this can really happen.

But I DO know that humans have unprecedented potential. So much so, that they might appear like God to others.

Isa (Jesus) has had such an in impact on this world, that he was made divine by calling him the Son of God.

George Washington, a true patriot, who led his people to independence, is actually depicted as a god in the Capitol Building in the US. The portrayal is called “Apotheosis of George Washington”.

Heracles or Hercules of Greece and Rome. He was exalted by the people as a God after his death.

And even more.

The recurring theme is that all of them weren’t really gods, but they were exceptional men. So much so, that the people viewed them as God.

I’ll leave you to your own thoughts now.

Through wonder comes wisdom,

Through wisdom comes the ability to understand the truth,

Through the truth can we finally understand ourselves,

And when man understands himself,

He becomes one with his soul and mind,

And finally,

The Apotheosis is complete…………..

Ajwad Wasim Malik



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I’ll start the post with a simple statement.

Faith is not a gift; it has to be earned.


And I agree wholeheartedly.

Well, I would cause I came up with it.

Anyway, moving on.

Faith is not a gift, and all of us treat is as so. It’s not something to be given and accepted with a big smile on our face. We have to believe in it without being told to do so.

Majority of the theists today are born, not made. They usually have no choice in the matter. Their religion is chosen for them by their parents, and theirs by their parents, and so on and so forth. An unbroken chain through time, except for some broken links labeled as diverters.

That’s the major problem facing all religions of today. The ‘believers’ simply don’t believe because they haven’t discovered what to believe and how to believe for themselves! Their whole lives, right from their first breath, they’ve been told who to believe. Let the kid find out for himself dammit!

And now you’ll say that kids don’t know what’s good for them. 

If only I earned a riyal for every time I heard that, I’d be a millionaire by now.

Just think. Parents choose it for the kids because the kids don’t know what’s good for them. Temme this: at what point did the parents come to know that what was chosen for them is good for them?


Why did God give man intellect? Why did God give man a soul? Why did He make us better than the angels themselves?

(If you’re wondering how humans are better than the angels, then consider the fact that angels don have a free will. We do. ‘Nuff said.)

He gave us a soul and a mind so that each one of us can discover and understand God for ourselves. Instead of being led to Him, we have to go to Him.

Really, if He wanted things go be simpler than He would have created us as sheep. Simple, stupid and eternally shepherded. Mind you, some people are properly described as this. Sorry for the offence.

It’s late, and I don’t wanna make it any simpler. I tried my best to put my post into really simple words, and I can’t do simpler any longer. It makes me feel dizzy to think at your level.

Faith is not a gift; it has to be earned.



Dearly Dead Departed

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2010. One year. Three deaths. Three profoundly sorrowful losses.

First, the death of a father. The father of my friend, Shaheryar Khan.  A man that I’ve met only once, but I was smitten by the man’s love for his children and the twinkle in his eyes when he laughed. I remember his hands, and most of all, his smile when he offered me an ice-cream cone at the ice-cream parlor near his home. A short sentence, isn’t it? I leave that for you to decide if it really is a short one.

The second is the death of another father. The father of a friend that I’ve only come to know now. I have never met this friend in person, and I’ve never even seen her. Then how did this death affect me so much? It affected me because Nosheen told us (by ‘us’ I mean tweeters) about her father. It made me feel somehow close to him. Call it empathy, if you will.

These two deaths took me back to my own loss. The loss of my mother. I knew how they felt, and I knew that this loss will affect them for the rest of their lives. Each one of us, Im sure, would gladly give away all the days since our parent died for one chance, just ONE chance, to be with him/her again, be it for a single minute. Just one.

The third one which brought a tear to my eyes was that of my friend, Ammar Idrees. 15 years old, and rammed by a speeding car. Head split open and fractured body. Let me tell you about him a bit.

A really nice guy. He ALWAYS respected his seniors. I’ll miss the way he called me “bhai”. I’ll miss the enthusiasm with which he used to talk about sports and electronic gadgets. I’ll miss his patient smile while I tried to work his iPhone.

One lil incident that I’ll always remember.

I was talking to Ali, and Ammar comes up.


I thought he was calling someone else, so I kept on talking to Ali.

“Bhai! Bhai!! Ajwad!!!”

I turned around, and there was Ammar standing with his hand outstretched.

Me,” I’m so sorry! I thought—well, never mind,” I shook his hand.

Ammar simply smiled, and walked away.

There are a lot of things that I can tell you about him, but at this point I’ll be selfish, and keep them for myself.

I know that my post isn’t doing a lot of justice to these three people, but I felt the need to post this.

And this is the only time I’ll EVER post an emotion-induced blog. It has tired me beyond I could’ve imagined. I dedicate this blog to the three people mentioned above. I dedicate this to their families, their friends, their loved ones and especially their parents and children.

I also dedicate this blog to YOU. Realize this, what matters isn’t how long you’ve lived, nor does it matter if you lived a life of love or hate, good or bad. What matters is whether you’ve lived your life to the full, never leaving the future in the hands of time or fate, and using the time you had for yourself and for the ones who mattered to you.

Finally, I dedicate this blog to the Dearly Dead Departed.

Wisdom, Truth and the indefinable Third

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What is really important in a man? Wisdom? Truthfulness? Empathy? Passion? Faith?

It’s different for everyone. I’ll tell you what SHOULD be important.

(Warning. Its gonna get boring. Grab a pillow)

Wisdom itself is nothing for a man. Even the wisest fall prey to the most foolish of things. You need a way to channel your wisdom, to use it and not just boast of it.

I’ll give you an example. The wisest person ever to live, King of Israel, King Solomon, turned to idolatry as he neared the end of his life. He put up temples in honor of them. God punished him by splitting his kingdom in two. So, wisdom on its own is not important; it’s inadequate.    

(Before you guys start screaming out profanities, I’m relating the christianic version. Yes he was wise for them too, you know)

Moving on.

Truth. Where do I start with it? Every year since time past brings a new war to our pathetic world, and the main reason always trickles down to this: Whose version of truth is more appealing. Even history cannot be credited with truth; it’s always written by the victor, showing itself in a favorable light. And what is now marked as a lie, was the indisputable truth in its time.

So, even truth on its own is not enough. We need something more to complete us.

How about putting wisdom and truth together? That might work. But no, with wisdom you can find the truth and maybe even uncover more about it, but there is one thing that will make this union a perfect one.  

It is the ability to handle the truth through our wisdom.

*flash of anti-climax*

Ok I know you’ve heard this before, but just consider it again.

Can you really handle it? Can you handle the stuff that an atheist will throw at your face? Can you handle if a spokesman on TV is wiping the floor with the leader you are inspired by? Can you?

That is the indefinable Third. The ability to listen to the truth, processes it, and then accepts it. Simple right? It isn’t. Trust me.

The ability to change the way you think, the way you believe, and the way you perceive things doesn’t come easily. It needs time, it needs patience and it needs a lot of thinking. That’s where your wisdom comes in.

You’ve got a mind. You’ve got a soul. Use it.