My Road

 My 7th poem.

Enjoy the read.




The wolves of my mind,

The demons of my past,

The darkness of my future,

Are uniquely intertwined,


Together they shall rule,

Together they will control,

And together they shall remain,

All for me, and me for all,


The wolves follow me,

Through the shadows around me,

They howl when I rest,

For they are eager for me to go on,


The demons haunt me,

They remind me of what I’ve done,

They remind me of what has happened,

For they want me to prepare for what will now befall,


The darkness comforts me,

It soothes me,

It envelops me,

It saves me from the light that has already burned me,


The wolves howl,

“Find nothing but sorrow here,

Grief and loss,”

The Defying Ones,


The demons roar,

“Enter his past,

And we shall torment him all the more,”

The Defining Ones,


And thus Darkness proclaimed,

“A warning to the believing ones,

Walk here a human, leave here a shell”

The Protecting Ones,


My sins are many,

My wrongs overflow,

My deeds are not worth noting,

Yet I shall stand for it all,


The blackness of the night!

Suffuse my blood with it!

The brightness of the day!

Fill my soul with it!


I was wronged before,

I am wronged yet again.

I survived then,

I shall do so again!


My wolves! Howl for Wrath!

My demons! Roar for rage!

My darkness! Feel this glory!

Fear no ruin, fear no despair!


My wolves, My demons,

My darkness, My abode,

My homeward road,

All for me, and me for all


Ajwad Wasim Malik


9 Responses to “My Road”

  1. Holy $&#&$*! Hell.

    Now I know why my life felt so incomplete. God! I missed this blog!

  2. Annie Malik Says:

    You never fail to stun me. Another piece, masterpiece, by a very a talented writer. Love the stanzas 9, 10 and 11, awe-inspiring.
    Reminds me of my own wolves and demons lurking in the darkness of my future.
    Like you said ‘I stand for it all’ indeed! indeed! indeed!
    You really know how to grip your reader and manage to relate to common stories.

    • I look forward to your comments the most, though I fear that they may not continue now.
      impressing you is a feat in itself alone. Feel humbled every-time, actually.

  3. Absolute brilliance, Ajwad!
    Your poems often convey a very umm.. deep message. And dark. About yourself? 🙂

    Y’know.. they could actually make a death metal track outta this! 😀

    • Thank you Hiba!
      Heh. Maaaaaybe about myself. Maybe not. It might be about the reader in the end.

      Oh trust me, I totally plan to make something of this!

  4. Very Well Written, Ajwad. 🙂

  5. Amazing Post!…

    Thanks a lot for this amazing post. Really amazing!…

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