My Eternal Peace

One of my works that I’m most proud of.



The morrow’s Sun asks,

For whom does the orphaned son weep…………..



I stand before a path,

A path I dare not cross,

A path that once held meaning,

One that held my light,



I turn away,

Laughing at the fools who crossed it,

Engrossed in my mind I am,

Therein I cried, therein I despaired,



The wind ruffles my hair…….



It senses me before I can comprehend it,

This feeling that I’ve never known before,

My laughter dies down,

My tears within dry up,



I turn back towards the path,

Dreading it,

Yet wanting it,

And so I stared,



And so I beheld,



A Maiden,

Covered in darkness,

Enchanting, inviting,

Yet fear it instilled,



I cannot move!

I cannot breathe!

I cannot think!

But my heart beats………



The darkness drops its veil,

And quickly it is enclosed again,

A glimpse I saw,

And this I walked,



I lurched towards her,

Falling and standing,

Crawling and running,

But never once I blinked,



The path is unforgiving,

It cuts and eats away at me,

But no longer have I cared,

I care, for nothing now,



I can run no longer,

My legs give away if I stand,

My bloodied arms can no longer rise,

My bruised soul can no longer heal,



I fall down,

I cannot move,

I have lost,

I have died,



I feel nothing for death, Let It come!

I feel nothing for the harsh earth underneath me, Let it burn!

I feel nothing for my flowing blood, Let it run dry!

I feel only my loss,



The ground finally cools,

My blood stops to flow,

This is the end I believe,

It is time……….



Heavens shall not allow a pawn,

To achieve its victory,

When it seeks it,

At the cost of itself,



Alas, I did not understand,

I did not care for the path,

And thus the path has punished me,

It hath forsaken me,



I feel Death’s hands close upon me,

I clench my eyes,

I dread his cold touch,

I dread this finality,



A tear falls……..



The hand comes down,

It caresses me,

It comforts me,

It forgives me,



I speak so,

“Death, you are a folly,

Does it please you?

To remind me of the failure that I made my life of?”



The hand presses down,

I hear a voice thus extol,

“I am not Death,

I am that what you sought”



My eyes fly open,

I finally breathe in,

I push against the ground,

I fall and fall again until I stand,



The darkness surrounds me,

It encloses me and the Maiden,

Nay nay,

My Maiden,



I see her now,

Beautiful beyond imagination,

A beauty that I only dreamed of late,

That can no longer be compared,



Gleaming eyes of grace,

Which see right through me,

A pleasure derived,

That cannot be described,



The light glows from her skin,

It radiates the darkness around me,

It lightens my soul of its burden

My light,



I begin to ask her who she is,

But I silence myself,

For I already know the answer,

I had sought it for far long,



I beckon to her,

I open my arms,

She steps forward,

And so I finally embrace her,

My Eternal Peace.



The morrow’s moon answered,

He weeps for what he might not have………….


Ajwad Wasim Malik




10 Responses to “My Eternal Peace”

  1. Very nice and impressive! Liked it 🙂

  2. Very nice and impressive! Liked it 🙂

  3. Very well written 🙂


  4. Very well written 🙂

  5. It’s great dude just can’t seem to figure out how to think of it – I think getting the metalhead image of you in my mind. Frankly, what do you want me to think of you while reading this? 😛

  6. Pretty Impressive…great work

  7. Once again, you’ve left me speechless.
    Each piece reveals a secret.

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