My Mother:Decade of Desolation

My 4th poem. Enjoy the read.



I stand on the brink of dawn,

The wind blows still, the water drips slow,

Thus the Decade of Desolation ends,

Ere the Sun rises!




A decade has gone by,

since you passed beyond the void,

a lot has changed since then,

a lot that I still have yet to understand,


Where to begin?

Where to end?

What to tell?

What to hide?


Feel peace,

For the worries of this world are no longer yours,

Feel  glory,

For the children you’ve left behind,


Thy lord knows you are His,

Dead, and behold you live,

Greater love there cannot be than this,

In you I stay alive,


We will meet once more,

We shall walk towards Heaven together,

and that will be Paradise enough for me,

In you I feel hope,


Till Heaven’s gate we shall go,

Then I shall kiss you once again,

and continue my way to Hell,

In you I feel my strength,


Disappointed you would be,

Yet proud you would be too,

of Your Child,

of Your Son,


A slap on the cheek,

A twist of the ears,

A caress of your fingers,

Nothing, but a waking dream,


Your daughter has grown to resemble you,

and in time she will be just like you,

In her I now find comfort,

In her I sometimes find what I’ve lost,


At times, I feel peace,

For I know ,

You are in better hands, in a better place,

away from all these worldly troubles,


But I feel rage!

Such intoxicating rage!

Such rage that I willingly let control,

Such rage that will surely be the end of me,


Heaven and Hell shall witness a miracle,

You and I, Dead and Alive,

Together we shall be,

Together till the End of Times,


The Heart has stopped its relentless beat,

The Mind has finally rested its thoughts,

The Soul has flown free of its prison,

but Your Memories are forevermore,


Dawn has come and gone,

I raise my eyes to the Sun,

And see your face instead,

Ere the Son Smiles,


My Life,

My Pride,

My Peace,

My Mother. . . . .



Rest in Peace.



Ajwad Wasim Malik





To the Reader=


The decade ends, and a new period begins for me. I shall keep the Desolation, and entrust the Decade to you. All I ask of you, is to get up and give your Mother a hug.

Do it now, before it’s too late.


You’ll never know what you’ll miss,

Until you get a reason to miss it,


You’ll never know who Death is,

Until He knocks on your door,


7 Responses to “My Mother:Decade of Desolation”

  1. beautiful poem – filled with soo much emotion
    *HUGS* and much love

  2. Lovely poem. It sends out a really strong message and thanks for sharing it 🙂

  3. really deep and touching
    my favourite part:
    “Your daughter has grown to resemble you,
    and in time she will be just like you,
    In her I now find comfort,
    In her I sometimes find what I’ve lost,”

  4. I haven’t read anything this beautiful in ages. It’s raw and powerful and moving and brilliant. *wipes away tears*.

    I’m in awe that you’re strong enough to blog this. Just…awe.

  5. @Hajra I know, right?

  6. Arslan Saeed Says:

    *Thumbs up* This was touching mate. =)

  7. great work!!dude

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